Happy Birthday America

Happy Birthday America


Patience WAS the word.  Now it’s paid off!  The Snake River is settling out and we’re catching cutties…

The Snake (WY):

Fishing on the Snake has improved. The river is returning to its pre-runoff clarity.  Top water action is turning on! Look for PMDs, yellow sallies, some golden stones, and waves of caddis.  Don’t forget to fish the lifecycle of these hatches!! In the meantime stick with the tried and true Pats Rubber Leg (8 – 10), Biot Bugs (10), Copper Johns (10 – 12) in red or olive, Lightning Bugs (10 -16), Rainbow Warriors (12 – 16), Robins (10 – 16), Psycho Princes (10 – 16), and San Juan Worms. Streamers have been productive along the seam lines.  Effective patterns are Quad Bunnies, Silvey Sculpins, Murphy’s Bling Minnow, Bow River Buggers, Strung-Out Leeches, Zoo Cougars, J.J. Specials, and Swimmin’ Jimmies.

The South Fork of the Snake (ID):

The river has stabilized at 13,200 (cfs) and the dry fly fishing is turning on! From around noon on look for PMDs, caddis, and yellow sallies, as well as some green drakes fluttering about.  Fish are rising on the trouble water and are hanging a bit off the bank currently.  The mid to late afternoon riffle fishing has been extremely productive. Try using PMD cripples or emerging caddis for best results. Effective dry fly patterns are Chubby Chernobyls (8), Will’s Winged Chernobyl (8), Snake River Water Walkers (6 – 8), Barrett’s Ant (8), Parachute Extended Body PMDs and Cahills (10 – 14), Comparaduns (10 – 14), Stimulators (10 – 12), Elk Hair Caddis (10 – 12), and X-Caddis (10 – 12). In the mornings nymph fishing has been active, and with the salmon flies right around the corner stonefly nymphs are the name of the game! Effective patterns Pat’s Rubber Legs (4 – 8), PR Muskrats (6 – 8), BH Hares Ear Nymphs (8 – 10), San Juan Worms, Lightening Bugs (10 -14), Rainbow Warriors (12 – 16), Copper Johns (10 – 12) in red, and Foxy Sallie Nymphs (10 – 12).  Don’t be afraid to chuck a big ugly streamer if you experience a bit of cloud cover or at the end of the day.

Green River:

The Green has cooled off fishing-wise since last week’s report.  The water levels have come down a bit, however, the river clarity has decreased and visibility is roughly less than 2 feet.  Effective patterns are Pat’s Rubber Legs (8 -10), Bitch Creek Nymphs (8), PR Muskrats (8 – 10), Lightening Bugs (10 – 14), Foxy Sallies (10 -12), Psycho Princes (12), Glass House Caddis (10 – 14), Bead Tail Caddis (12 -14), Soft Hackles (10 – 12).