releasing a brown trout into the green river wyoming

August 1 Fishing

A nice rainbow caught on the Green.

Wow, it’s August! We have finally hit flows that are consistent with the historical average on the Snake and the fishing is coming into shape.  We are seeing risers on chubby chernobyls and other foam, think circus peanuts and water walkers.  Starting the day on nymphs (rubber legs, pheasant tails) or with a hopper-dropper is a great way to get hits as the morning warms up.

The Green has seen a lot of traffic this summer, and the fish are getting wise.  On the upper stretches fish are coming up to ants, beetles, and small pmds.  There are big fish to be had, it is just taking a little more time and patience.

Fish creek is a beautiful wade option.  We have been seeing grey drakes, small yellow stones, caddis flies.  There are big cutties in the spring creeks and will come up to well presented flies.

Fly Fishing on Fish Creek

The Snake, the Green, and Spring Creeks

A nice Snake river cutthroat.


The Snake River:

We are getting closer to normal summer levels on the Snake every day.  Clarity has improved and we are right around the corner from some great fishing.  Your best bet is fishing the soft water – riffles, trenches, slow eddies and banks.  That said, we are starting to see the occasional hit in quick riffles, especially on an attractor pattern.  Nymphing with rubber legs and mayfly nymphs has been productive.  A hopper-dropper is also a good bet, with fish coming up to circus peanuts, water walkers, chubbies…foam!





Grey drake sipper on the Green river.



The Green:

The Green is dropping and clearing.  In general it is fishing best in the first half of the day, and cloud cover will often help with the dry fly bite.  Drakes and chubbies are catching fish.  A nymph rig or streamer stripped along the bank are also productive if the trout aren’t rising.





Hooked up on Fish Creek.



Spring Creeks:

Lake creek and Fish creek are still fishing well.  The bigger trout are getting a little pickier but are definitely still eating well presented flies.  We are seeing a variety of bugs hatching on the creek, with PMDs and small caddis bringing fish to the surface.  The trout are starting to key into foam, so hopper-dropper rigs are another great option.


Trout caught while fly fishing

The Green is fishing…well.

Brown trout caught on the Green.

Another nice brown from the Green river.


The Green is in!  We have had some great days on the Green river as it drops and clears.  There have been HUGE drake hatches and some of the fish are looking up to dries.  Drakes and stone flies have attracted the most interest, with the promise of more stones on the way as both golden stones and yellow sallies have been hatching with increased frequency.  The nymph fishing has been consistent and productive.  Like the dries, a stone or mayfly nymph is a good bet, and the trusty worm in pink and red will produce fish.  If the clouds roll in and you get an overcast day, dark streamers will move some big browns.  Fish creek is still fishing well and a great wade option close to Jackson!

It’s good to have lots of option when the bugs are hatching.

Fly Fishing Guide Grant Leffel

Damn, that’s high water!

Emery Rheam with a beautiful cutty on Fish Creek.

The Tetons continue to shed their massive snowpack and the rivers are still raging.  These conditions will do a load of good for the fishery going forward.  The rivers will, most likely, stay cooler longer (happy trout!) and late summer and fall fishing will be great.  The high water also flushes sediment out of gravel beds, making ideal spawning habitat and healthier future fish populations…yay high water!

Fortunately, if you have the itch to fish we are still having a lot of success on Cottonwood Lake and the Spring Creeks on Snake River Ranch.  A variety of tactics are pulling a variety of trout, and there is a good chance that the warming weather will bring out dry flies.  Come enjoy the beautiful summer weather with us, let’s catch fish!



Impromptu rowing lesson on Cottonwood Lake. You can’t beat the views!

Drift boat fishing on a lake in the Tetons.

Cottonwood Lake Fishing

Fishing client holding brook trout.

A beautiful brook trout on Cottonwood Lake

Fishing guide and client holding lake trout.

A huge lake trout caught on Cottonwood Lake.

The snow is coming down from the mountains and our regional waterways are seeing some of the highest water levels in years.  It’s a great time to fish a lake or spring creek while the rivers get their annual refresh.  Cottonwood Lake has been fishing really well, with cutthroat, lake, and brook trout eating streamers, dries and nymphs.  Chironomids, leeches, damselflies, and callibaetis are all getting fish to the boat. The water on the lake is clear and the views can’t be beat!

Guided lake fishing from a drift boat in the Tetons.

Cottonwood Lake fishing.

Fly fishing guide holding cutthroat trout in Jackson, Wyoming.

Hot Fishing on the Spring Creeks


Fly fishing guide holding cutthroat trout in Jackson, Wyoming.

A beautiful cutthroat trout caught on Fish Creek.

High water has hit the Rockies and the big rivers are running fast. While the fishing is on hold across most of the area, the spring creeks are still great options to get on some beautiful trout.  Fish Creek and Lake Creek on Snake River Ranch are waters that GFA fishes exclusively, and they have been fishing well!

We have been seeing a variety of mayflies and caddis hatching during the day.  A BWO or parachute adams pattern will bring big fish to the surface. When the fish aren’t eating on top, a dry-dropper rig with a pheasant tail or hare’s ear are great options.  There are a limited number of fishermen allowed on these creeks per day, so you are guaranteed to have the place to yourself. This is the best fishing in the valley right now, check out our private water page for more information.

A fly fishing guide casts to trout on Fish Creek, Wyoming.

Sneaking up on big trout.

Fly Fishing Jackson Hole

Well, it was a bit of a long winter here in Jackson Hole

The Tetons received over 400 inches of snow this year, which is really good news for our western rivers.  Lots of snow in the mountains leads to better habitat for both aquatic bugs as well as trout!  Pre-runoff, we had some really great days dry fly fishing on The Snake.  Midges were out in full force throughout much of March, and with some beautiful days in the 40s and 50s, there wasn’t a better place to be than the river.  Although the water became muddy about a week ago, cooler weather over the last couple of days has cleared the water up a bit, allowing us to get back out on The Snake.  If you are looking to get out and do some dry fly fishing, don’t be afraid to throw some big foam, skwala patterns between 1 and 5 pm, or during the heat of the day.  Remember, skwalas aren’t flyers, they swim.  Get that foam twitching and be ready for some nice cutties looking up!  If you are looking for a guide to get you out on the water, don’t hesitate to call.  Our staff is more than excited to be up and running for the season!  Tight lines!”

Fly Fishing on Snake River

Fishing on The Snake River is still going strong

Fishing on The Snake River is still going strong.  Unseasonably warm temperatures and sunny days this mid October have provided us with some phenomenal fall fishing.  The water releasing out of the Jackson Lake Dam has settled to our wintertime flows, and the fish are fired up, putting on the pounds for our long winter here in Jackson.  Our guides are still finding fish looking up for blue wing olives on slow flats and riffles.   In between these spots, we are still finding fish eating big foam dry flies as well as small dropper dries and nymphs.  We hope this nice weather and good fishing continues for a bit longer, allowing us to get more days on the water!

Fly Fishing Jackson Hole

September is Fishing in Jackson Hole

Every year this crew makes its pilgrimage to Jackson Hole in September for the best fishing of the year.  Even though they timed some cooler wet weather this year the Insulate America team fished it hard every day and crushed it on streamers and on size 10-14 mayflies.

Fly Fishing on Fish Creek

Fish Creek

The dry fly fishing on our private access to Fish Creek continues to be extremely productive. Longtime GFA client, Rod Moorhead, had a spectacular day and landed some real pigs all on the surface.