Dry fly fishing on the Snake!

In the past two months we have seen good fishing given our water situation and time of year. Locally, the Snake has been improving daily with guided trips catching fish both nymphying and dry fly fishing. If you catch the hatch perfectly you can expect large numbers of caddis and mayflies on the water with hungry trout looking for them. The standard chubby chernobyl has also been working in a dry fly dropper set up. We have been sending most of our trips between Wilson Bridge and Hoback and found the river to be uncrowded and enjoyable. This week the valley will see an increase in river traffic so make plans accordingly and call the shop to book your trip early!

We are also happy to customize any trip for you. We have been doing more and more custom scenic float trips. This is a great way to have a personalized float down the Snake River at your own pace with your very own guide. It is common to see many species of birds including bald eagles, osprey, and king fishers. Additionally you might get lucky and see elk or moose. For information about our guided fishing trips or our scenic trips please call the shop at 307-734-9684!!!