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The Snake (WY):

The Snake River is gradually (slowly) getting better.  Barring any weather events it could be fishing well by the weekend.  Be ready and prepare your fly box. Dry fly fishing has shut off. Tried and true nymphing and using streamers is the name of the game.
Effective patterns: Pats Rubber Leg (8 – 10), Biot Bugs (10), Copper Johns (10 – 12)
in red or olive, Lightening Bugs (10 -16), Rainbow Warriors (12 – 16), Robins (10 –
16), Psycho Princes (10 – 16), and San Juan Worms. Streamers have been productive
along the seam lines. Effective patterns are Quad Bunnies, Silvey Sculpins,
Murphy’s Bling Minnow, Bow River Buggers, Strung-Out Leeches, Zoo Cougars, J.J.
Specials, and Swimmin’ Jimmies.

The South Fork of the Snake (ID):

This is by far the best fishing in the area! Dry fly fishing has been in FUEGO! The
salmon flies have worked their way up the canyon and have started to be seen in good
numbers around Irwin. The big bugs aren’t the only thing happening. Yellow
Sallies, PMD’s, Mahogany’s, Drakes, and some Caddis are hatching. Riffle fishing
has been very productive with PMD’s and Yellow Sallies. The nightly mosquito hatch
around Byington has been AGGRESSIVE so don’t forget to pack the DEET!!!! Effective
dry fly patterns are Chubby Chernobyls (8), Will’s Winged Chernobyl (8), Snake River
Water Walkers (6 – 8), Barrett’s Ant (8), Parachute Extended Body PMDs and Cahills
(10 – 14), Comparaduns (10 – 14), Stimulators (10 – 12), Elk Hair Caddis (10 – 12),
and X-Caddis (10 – 12).

The Green (WY):

Water levels on the green have increased a bit and thus the fishing has suffered
respectively. The fish aren’t keying in on top water activity so nymphing and
streamers are still very productive. The amount of snowpack in the Green River
drainage is still high from this past winter so fishing should start to be very
consistent in the coming weeks. Effective patterns are Pat’s Rubber Legs (8 -10),
Bitch Creek Nymphs (8), PR Muskrats (8 – 10), Lightening Bugs (10 – 14), Foxy
Sallies (10 -12), Psycho Princes (12), Glass House Caddis (10 – 14), Bead Tail
Caddis (12 -14), Soft Hackles (10 – 12).