Fly Fishing Jackson Hole

Fishing Report 7/17/15

With continued cool temperatures throughout the Teton area, the fish have remained active, and the fishing productive.  The dry fly fishing has been exceptional in the mornings and late afternoons.  We have experienced a lull in the action from 2-4 pm, however, getting down and dirty with double a nypmh rig is still producing!

The Snake:

The dry fly fishing on the Snake is consistent throughout the day.  Our guides have reported that Chubby Chernoybl’s (size 8-12) in gold, orange, and purple have been producing from Moose to the canyon.  The key is fishing these right next to the bank and in slower water adjacent to seam lines.   There has been a productive mayfly hatch throughout the afternoon, and using a classic parachute Adams (size 12-18) has been the ticket!  If you haven’t tried the UV2 Para-Adams (size 12-18) we would definitely suggest adding a couple to your fly box.   As for a double nymph rig, the tried and true rubber legs followed by a red copper john/flashback pheasant tail/lightning bug continues to work well.  If you are fishing from Moose to Wilson we would highly recommend using a Two Tone Stone in a size 6 or 8 instead of a rubber legs.

The Green:

The rio verde has been a fickle beast as of late.  If the sky is overcast be prepared for great dry fly, nymph, and streamer action, however, conversely during blue bird days be prepared to throw your entire fly box as the fish are very fickle.  Chubby Chernobyl’s with segmented (black/white) legs have been doing exceptionally well.  Trailing a bead head pheasant tail (size 8-12) will definitely work well when the top water action slows down.  As for streamers: a classic yellow sex dungeon, swimming jimmy, and bad boy in yellow have all been producing well.

The South Fork of the Snake Idaho:

The salmon fly madness is finally over on the South Fork, so the river will be noticeably less busy.  Top water action is still very productive throughout the day, with the height of the hatch occurring from 4-8pm.  Throughout the day a circus peant/water walker in size 6-8 have been productive.  A good trick to entice fish to strike is giving your water walker/circus peanut some movement. Fishing a PMD cripple or emerger in the riffles has also been extremely fantastic.  Try mixing up your PMD from yellow to cream/pink.  The streamer action picks up considerably from 8ish to dark.  As light fades go from dark colored streamers (black and olive) to light colored flashy streamers (orange, yellow, white).