Guide Andrew with Richard's big catch on the South Fork

Patience is the word of the week for area fly fisherman!  All of the area rivers have gone through an interesting cycle this past week as the weather was a little tumultuous and river flows are starting to stabilize.

The Snake (WY):

Fishing on the Snake was improving until the deluge we experienced yesterday. The river has returned to its runoff murkiness as the Gros Ventre and Buffalo Forks are off color.  Be patient as the water should start to clear by Monday.  When it starts to clear look for the top water action to turn on! Look for PMDs, yellow sallies, some golden stones, and waves of caddis.  Don’t forget to fish the lifecycle of these hatches!! In the meantime stick with the tried and true Pats Rubber Leg (8 – 10), Biot Bugs (10), Copper Johns (10 – 12) in red or olive, Lightning Bugs (10 -16), Rainbow Warriors (12 – 16), Robins (10 – 16), Psycho Princes (10 – 16), and San Juan Worms. Streamers have been productive along the seam lines.  Effective patterns are Quad Bunnies, Silvey Sculpins, Murphy’s Bling Minnow, Bow River Buggers, Strung-Out Leeches, Zoo Cougars, J.J. Specials, and Swimmin’ Jimmies.

The South Fork of the Snake (ID):

The river has stabilized at 13,200 (cfs) and the dry fly fishing is turning on! From around noon on look for PMDs, caddis, and yellow sallies, as well as some green drakes fluttering about.  Fish are rising on the trouble water and are hanging a bit off the bank currently.  The mid to late afternoon riffle fishing has been extremely productive. Try using PMD cripples or emerging caddis for best results. Effective dry fly patterns are Chubby Chernobyls (8), Will’s Winged Chernobyl (8), Snake River Water Walkers (6 – 8), Barrett’s Ant (8), Parachute Extended Body PMDs and Cahills (10 – 14), Comparaduns (10 – 14), Stimulators (10 – 12), Elk Hair Caddis (10 – 12), and X-Caddis (10 – 12). In the mornings nymph fishing has been active, and with the salmon flies right around the corner stonefly nymphs are the name of the game! Effective patterns Pat’s Rubber Legs (4 – 8), PR Muskrats (6 – 8), BH Hares Ear Nymphs (8 – 10), San Juan Worms, Lightening Bugs (10 -14), Rainbow Warriors (12 – 16), Copper Johns (10 – 12) in red, and Foxy Sallie Nymphs (10 – 12).  Don’t be afraid to chuck a big ugly streamer if you experience a bit of cloud cover or at the end of the day.

Green River:

The Green has cooled off fishing-wise since last week’s report.  The water levels have come down a bit, however, the river clarity has decreased and visibility is roughly less than 2 feet.  Effective patterns are Pat’s Rubber Legs (8 -10), Bitch Creek Nymphs (8), PR Muskrats (8 – 10), Lightening Bugs (10 – 14), Foxy Sallies (10 -12), Psycho Princes (12), Glass House Caddis (10 – 14), Bead Tail Caddis (12 -14), Soft Hackles (10 – 12).


Anglers, it’s time to fish the Snake, and especially the Green!!!!

Grand Fishing Guide Rhys Brown with Spencer's catch on June 20th

The spring runoff has finally peaked and we are waiting for the water

clarity to improve on the fisheries around the area.  Don’t let the off color

dissuade you from fishing as reports from our guides are extremely positive.

The Snake:

Water clarity is starting to become fishing favorable from below Jackson Lake dam to

Pacific Creek.  From Pacific creek down the clarity is less than a foot.  Getting down

and dirty with nymphs and streamers is the name of the game these days.  We

recommend the following nymph patterns: Pats Rubber Legs #8 – #10, BH Hares Ear

Nymphs #10, Lightening Bugs #10 – #18, Copper Johns #12 – #18 in red, Rainbow

Warriors #14 – #18, San Juan Worms.  Water clarity in the canyon is picking up daily

and there have been good reports of a small stonefly hatch (use stimulators #4 –

#10) and a productive Caddis hatch.  We will keep you posted on the progression of

the stoneflies as they travel up river.

The South Fork of the Snake:

The annual “flush” on the South Fork is over and it appears the river level (13,000

cfs) has stabilized to it’s normal summer (irrigation demand) flow.  Nymphing and

streamers is still the name of the game, however, with water levels becoming

constant and water temperatures starting to slightly increase the dry fly fishing

should be right around the corner.  We recommend the following nymph and streamer

patterns: Pats Rubber Legs #4 – #8, San Juan Worms, Bacon and Eggs, Nuclear Eggs,

Veiled Eggs, Lightening Bugs #10 – #12, Copper Johns #10 – #12 in red, Quad Bunnies,

Bow River Buggers, Sex Dungeons, Silvey Sculpins, Murphy’s Bling Minnows, Arum’s

Lil’ Kims, Double Bunnies.

The Green:

Flows have really come into shape on the green this past week, and the

gauge at Warren bridge is at 1330 cfs.  With water clarity approaching the

4′ mark, fishing has TURNED ON!  As with other rivers Nymphing and using big ugly

streamers is the name of the game. We recommend the tried and true Pats Rubber Legs

#4 – #10 with a San Juan dropper.  Keep your eyes open for salmon flies fluttering


Contact us to get out and enjoy the fishing today!


June fishing in Jackson

We are watching the rivers closely with crossed fingers hoping that the water levels will come down soon.  There is still a good amount of snow up in the mountains but we are starting to see the amount of runoff level out.  All of us guides can’t wait for those first couple of weeks of clear water when the summer is fresh and the fish are ravenous.  Here at Grand Fishing we are currently taking bookings for the summer season including our private scenic float in a comfortable 18ft drift boat that can take as many as 5 guests.  Bring your family and enjoy this beautiful float all to yourselves.  Don’t forget that while the Snake may still be muddy we have exclusive rod rights to the spring creeks on the Snake River Ranch which are still fishing well.  Give us a call and reserve your spot today.Another fine "cutty".

Snake river is high but Jackson fishing is still on.

With a little higher temps and some rain in the last couple of weeks we have seen the Snake river flows rise and the water clarity turn muddy.  While this has turned off the fishing on the Snake river we still have some options to chase the wild cutthroat.  Here at Grand Fishing we have exclusive rod rights on some of the most sought after, private spring creek fishing in the Teton valley.  Give us a call and we’ll get you out there for a morning or afternoon of wade fishing the private waters of Fish Creek.  Enjoy your spring and lets hope for clear water soon.Late May, spring creek fishing.

Let the season begin!

Middle of May and the river is fishing.  At least for a couple more days.  With the last couple of weeks giving us cooler weather we have seen the river drop and clear to a point that the fishermen have come out of the woodwork.  It was a long winter for us so dead drifting some nymphs in the spring sun has been quite a relief.  We don’t expect this to last for too long as the weather is warming and the run off should start soon.

We are currently taking bookings for the 2014 season.  Give us a call and we will make sure we get you out for a day on the water.  During the 2014 season we are also offering a custom scenic float trip in the most comfortable drift boat you have ever been in.  We can take as many as five guests on this boat and this trip is not to be missed.

Tight lines and we will see you this summer.

Dry fly fishing on the Snake!

In the past two months we have seen good fishing given our water situation and time of year. Locally, the Snake has been improving daily with guided trips catching fish both nymphying and dry fly fishing. If you catch the hatch perfectly you can expect large numbers of caddis and mayflies on the water with hungry trout looking for them. The standard chubby chernobyl has also been working in a dry fly dropper set up. We have been sending most of our trips between Wilson Bridge and Hoback and found the river to be uncrowded and enjoyable. This week the valley will see an increase in river traffic so make plans accordingly and call the shop to book your trip early!

We are also happy to customize any trip for you. We have been doing more and more custom scenic float trips. This is a great way to have a personalized float down the Snake River at your own pace with your very own guide. It is common to see many species of birds including bald eagles, osprey, and king fishers. Additionally you might get lucky and see elk or moose. For information about our guided fishing trips or our scenic trips please call the shop at 307-734-9684!!!

The 20012/2013 ski season has come to an end in Jackson Hole! The best part about that is the fishing season is ramping up in local and regional waters!  It was a great winter for Grand Fishing Adventures guides whom are all employed in one capacity or another within the local ski industry in Jackson Hole.

Many guides take time during the quick off-season to sneak away and fish in both warm and cold climates. Guide Clay Moorehead went down to the Bahamas and had great success chasing big bonefish.









GFA guides Andrew Byron and Thad Stavn took to the open roads of Wyoming in searched for big browns, rainbows, and the majestic cutthroat! Although they did some fishing in the snow they were lucky enough to get some nice weather and catch many trout of all shapes and sizes.

Early season fishing on the local Snake River is excellent! Fish are being found in pods in slower lazy water. If you can catch a warmer day they have been very active eating on the surface during the warmer time of day. BWOs have been productive along with the occasional skwala if you time it right! As always the nymphing this time of year is great due to the fishing being eager to eat after a long winter. Standard nymph patterns are working including small rubber legs, prince nymphs, crazy charlies, and robotic rib busters. Make sure to drop a size 16-20 copper john off the larger fly to imitate the smaller nymphs in the water column.

Guided trips are booking weekly!!!  Please call 307-734-9684 to book a trip or with any questions about fishing in and around Jackson Hole during the spring!







Fall Fishing in Jackson Hole

Fall fishing in Jackson Hole has arrived! August treated us well with great dry fly fishing the entire month. The water temperature got warm in the afternoons which caused the fishing to slow down a bit. Even with challenging afternoons we had a unbelievably successful month with great clients and lots of fish.

Big Cuttie!!!

September is here and evening temperatures have been in the mid forties which has caused the Snake river to cool off and fish well. I spent the day on Moose-Wilson and had great fishing using standard size 12,14,16 Parachute Adams as well as large tan Stonefly patterns. Dry fly fishing on the Snake should continue to be good through mid October weather permitting! If you ask any local guide what month is the best to be fishing in and around Jackson Hole they will tell you September. The great thing about this is that the guide is finally not lying! September brings cool evenings and warm days as well as the beginning of the fall of season. The fish know a harsh winter is coming and are doing everything the can to eat a few insects. Book a trip today and we will go chase the fish this fall as the leaves on the trees change, travelers leave, and fish feed!

Dry fly fishing in Jackon Hole

It does not get much better than this! The fishing the past month has been outstanding! Guides have been catching large cutthroat trout in the entire river system. We have had success throwing large hopper patterns on the banks of Grand Teton National Park as well as huge terrestrial patterns all the way through the Bridger Teton National Forest. One of the many advantages of fishing with us is that we can guide the entire river system, from Jackson Lake Dam all the way to Palisades Reservoir! Fishing has been great in the morning on the Snake with many guides reporting multiple fish as well as a few large ones. In the afternoons throwing small Caddis and Mayfly patterns has continued to produce fish.

Smile for the camera!

As we get into middle August and nights get cooler the fishing will continue to be good. When you ask a guide when the best time to fish is on the Snake we often say September. The advantages of September are plentiful. Cooler days, less crowds, and great fishing are just a few reasons we tell clients to book during the fall. Call the shop and book your trip today!

Hot Flies:

Size 12,14,16 Parachute Adams and Elk Hair Caddis

Size 8 and 10 Moorish Hoppers, Barretts Stone, and Purple Chubby Chernobyl

This could be you!!!

Please call the shop with any questions about fishing in and around Jackson Hole!



Fishing in Jackson Hole is GREAT!!!

We all have been patiently waiting for great fishing here in Jackson Hole and it has arrived! We have been very busy as guides taking a variety of trips in and around the region. Some of the most successful trips have been right here on the local Snake! Many guides have been reporting 30+ fish days on the Snake. A guide knows the fishing is great when both clients in the boat to catch a fish at the same time. Here is a picture of my first double of the season!


The reports coming back from the South Fork and the Green have also been very good. Some salmon flies have been seen in the canyon section of the South Fork.  Standard rubber leg patterns have been working for nymphs as well as yellow sallies for dry fly fishing in the riffles on the South Fork. The Green river has also been fishing well! If you catch a cloudy day a full day float on the Green can produce some of the larger brown trout in the West. Call the shop if you have any questions about these two trout fishing gems!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to guide a very enjoyable horse pack trip. The fishing is very good in the high mountain creeks right now. Along with great fishing on horse trips we also get to see some of the most beautiful mountain scenery in the world!


Grand Fishing offers a variety of fishing in and around Jackson Hole. We have great permits which allows us to fish every major river in the region as well as high mountain creeks via horse pack. We are more than happy to fully customize any trip for you!  Please call the shop today with questions about any of our trips or with any fishing questions about the region.