Fall Fishing in Jackson Hole

Fall fishing in Jackson Hole has arrived! August treated us well with great dry fly fishing the entire month. The water temperature got warm in the afternoons which caused the fishing to slow down a bit. Even with challenging afternoons we had a unbelievably successful month with great clients and lots of fish.

Big Cuttie!!!

September is here and evening temperatures have been in the mid forties which has caused the Snake river to cool off and fish well. I spent the day on Moose-Wilson and had great fishing using standard size 12,14,16 Parachute Adams as well as large tan Stonefly patterns. Dry fly fishing on the Snake should continue to be good through mid October weather permitting! If you ask any local guide what month is the best to be fishing in and around Jackson Hole they will tell you September. The great thing about this is that the guide is finally not lying! September brings cool evenings and warm days as well as the beginning of the fall of season. The fish know a harsh winter is coming and are doing everything the can to eat a few insects. Book a trip today and we will go chase the fish this fall as the leaves on the trees change, travelers leave, and fish feed!

Dry fly fishing in Jackon Hole

It does not get much better than this! The fishing the past month has been outstanding! Guides have been catching large cutthroat trout in the entire river system. We have had success throwing large hopper patterns on the banks of Grand Teton National Park as well as huge terrestrial patterns all the way through the Bridger Teton National Forest. One of the many advantages of fishing with us is that we can guide the entire river system, from Jackson Lake Dam all the way to Palisades Reservoir! Fishing has been great in the morning on the Snake with many guides reporting multiple fish as well as a few large ones. In the afternoons throwing small Caddis and Mayfly patterns has continued to produce fish.

Smile for the camera!

As we get into middle August and nights get cooler the fishing will continue to be good. When you ask a guide when the best time to fish is on the Snake we often say September. The advantages of September are plentiful. Cooler days, less crowds, and great fishing are just a few reasons we tell clients to book during the fall. Call the shop and book your trip today!

Hot Flies:

Size 12,14,16 Parachute Adams and Elk Hair Caddis

Size 8 and 10 Moorish Hoppers, Barretts Stone, and Purple Chubby Chernobyl

This could be you!!!

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Fishing in Jackson Hole is GREAT!!!

We all have been patiently waiting for great fishing here in Jackson Hole and it has arrived! We have been very busy as guides taking a variety of trips in and around the region. Some of the most successful trips have been right here on the local Snake! Many guides have been reporting 30+ fish days on the Snake. A guide knows the fishing is great when both clients in the boat to catch a fish at the same time. Here is a picture of my first double of the season!


The reports coming back from the South Fork and the Green have also been very good. Some salmon flies have been seen in the canyon section of the South Fork.  Standard rubber leg patterns have been working for nymphs as well as yellow sallies for dry fly fishing in the riffles on the South Fork. The Green river has also been fishing well! If you catch a cloudy day a full day float on the Green can produce some of the larger brown trout in the West. Call the shop if you have any questions about these two trout fishing gems!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to guide a very enjoyable horse pack trip. The fishing is very good in the high mountain creeks right now. Along with great fishing on horse trips we also get to see some of the most beautiful mountain scenery in the world!


Grand Fishing offers a variety of fishing in and around Jackson Hole. We have great permits which allows us to fish every major river in the region as well as high mountain creeks via horse pack. We are more than happy to fully customize any trip for you!  Please call the shop today with questions about any of our trips or with any fishing questions about the region.

The fishing is ON!!!

The rivers are clearing up in the region and the fishing is improving by the day! Our guides have had great success on local walk and wade trips here in Jackson Hole as well as float fishing rivers in the region. Here is a quick rundown of local waters that I have fished recently:

Green River: I think we have seen the peak of runoff on the Green River. I had a great trip down there a few days ago that produced 30+ brown trout on large dry flies! Although it is a hour drive from the town of Jackson, the Green can produce large brown, rainbow, and cutthroat trout. It is much smaller than the Snake and is a very fun trip. When floating on the Green you are surrounded by the snow covered peaks of the Wyoming and Wind River mountain ranges which makes for a spectacular backdrop while fishing! Fish were eating cadidis, stoneflies, salmonflies, lightning bugs, and prince nymphs. Make sure to bring bug spray and a rain jacket! The storms on the high mountain plains of Wyoming can sneak up quickly!

Snake River: The Snake has been interesting the past few weeks. We were confident as a guide staff that it was coming down and we were going to have one of the earliest seasons in recent memory here in the Jackson Hole valley. Unfortunately as Jackson Lake filled the dam was forced to match inflows to the lake which caused the Snake to go up about a thousand CFS. We were still able to catch fish deep nymphing and randomly on large dry flies. I think the Snake will clear up in the next two weeks and we will have great fishing late this month into early July. Remember, once it clears those fish are going to be HUNGRY! Some of the best fishing historically is the four or five days following runoff.

South Fork: The South Fork of the Snake in Idaho is fishing great! One of our guides spent the day over there with his father yesterday and was lucky enough to catch the large brown. The pictured at the bottom of this fishing report! It is pretty standard South Fork fishing as of now which consists of deep nymphing and streamer fishing. The water needs to heat up just a bit for the dry fly action to turn on.

Hoback River: I spent yesterday on the Hoback and had a unforgettable day. We boated 50+ fish on salmonfly patterns. It was truly amazing. No commercial outfitting is aloud on the Hoback but we would love to show you the best flies to take down there and direct you where to go.

Please feel free to call the shop (307.734.9684) with any questions about fishing in the region or to book an unforgettable guided trip in Jackson Hole!

Fathers Day Brown

Good regional fishing has arrived!!!

What a day!!! Floated the BLM section of the upper Green today with my dad. To be honest any day on the water with your dad is a great day. Today proved to be extra special because we floated a section that we have not been on together in 20+ years. Along with a great float we had great fishing! Within sight of the put in we had already landed four fish, the biggest being a nice rainbow.

First fish of the day!

Although it was shocking to us and others that I have spoken with the fish were actively feeding on salmonflies. Yes you read that correctly, massive Pteronarcyidae (Salmonflies)! I have heard rumors of good salmonfly hatches on the Green and today confirmed those rumors. In high water years these large dry flies usually hatch during muddy water and fisherman “miss” the hatch due to conditions. Not the case this year! We caught fish on standard orange attractor patters all day and even did well on very large orange foam chernobyls. If you find yourself lucky enough to be on this section of water soon fish the slow tail outs after structure as well as super tight to the grass banks. Remember the water temperature is still cold so let the fish take the fly prior to getting overly excited and setting prematurely. If you would like one of our expert guides to show you where these fish might live call the shop today (307) 734-9684 and book a trip!


Must have had a good guide!


Brown dog loves Brown trout

Check out our water level link below for current water levels


Rivers are clearing up in the region!!!

June is just around the corner and fishing in the region is about to heat up! The Green River is flowing between 700-800 CFS and has good visibility. I am heading that direction tomorrow and will report on actual fishing conditions in the next few days. The fishing on the Henrys Fork was good this past weekend but the weather was not!!! I spent multiple days in a late May blizzard. Below is just a glimps of the weather that we were dealing with.

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Catching fish during runoff?!?!?!?

The Snake river has fully blown out! We have been anticipating this the past few weeks and it finally turned from green to brown. Current flows in the canyon are around 8200 CFS. Clients were still able to pick up a few fish two days ago below South Park bridge. The weather forecast is calling for warm weather into the middle of next week which will help bring more moisture out of the mountains and into the river. The Snake River basin is reporting 65% of average snow water equivalent as of May 11th. If the weather stays warm we should be fishing the Snake in late June/early July!

Reports from the Green River above Warren Bridge have been good. The river is flowing at 619 CFS which is both a good level to float and wade fish. Nymphing and streamer fishing will be good in the campground sections. With cold water temperatures fish should be in slower water. The Upper Green River basin is reporting 38% of average snow water equivalent. I would imagine the Green will be our first option for good fishing this spring and could fish well the next few weeks.

I am off to explore the South Fork today. I will report on it after the weekend. For now I will leave you with a very respectable picture of a Catostomus Platyrhynchus (mountain sucker) which a client caught with me two days ago fly fishing around Swinging Bridge. Call the shop and book a trip if you would like to have a once in a lifetime opportunity to catch such a trophy!

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Early Season Snake Fishing

The early season fishing in Jackson Hole has been excellent! Due to slightly below average precipitation this past winter we have seen some of the earliest fishing on the Snake River in recent memory. Fish have been feeding on Skwalas on the surface and standard stone fly nymphs sub surface. Please call the shop with any questions about regional fishing or to book a trip!



Dry Flies Are in Full Swing

On the Snake, the cuttys are consistently feeding on the surface. We have seen good PMD and various caddis hatches. The hoppers are also out all over the banks. As usual, chernobyls have been working well, and you can always add a nymph dropper to effectively fish above and below the surface. Various PMD and caddis patterns will also pick up fish. On cloudy days, a chernobyl or smaller dries will be your best bet. On hotter sunny afternoons, try a hopper pattern. We have seen a lot of larger fish come up for the hopper.

On the South Fork, the dry fly action is finally coming around. It has still be a little slow on dries in the middle of the day, but the early mornings and the late afternoon/evening has been red hot. Various mayflies (most prominently PMDs) have been very effective. Hopper patterns have been a little hit or miss, but we have seen some really big fish sporadically taking hoppers on the surface.

Fishing Report

The fishing has significantly improved in the last week!  With flow levels returning to moderate and water becoming gorgeous and clear, the Snake River is back on track!  Hopper hatches are beginning and the fish are starting to look towards the surface.  Get it while you can!