Looking up!

The fishing on the Snake is improving by the day as water continues to drop.  Large dries with nymph droppers are still the best bet overall although today we had a period when bigger fish were onto to dry caddis fly and stone fly patterns as well the good ole stimulator.  The South Fork is dropping as well and although it is still fairly green in color many fish can be found by nymphing a stone fly pattern with a pheasant tail or prince nympth  as a second fly.  Occasional surface feeders can be found taking pmd’s and if you see some fish  on the surface take the time to work them as surface fishing is still slow throughout the region.



Fish are looking up on the Snake

The Snake is starting to fish pretty well as the cutthroats are starting to feed on the surface. The standard chernobyl with a dropper has been working well. For the chernobyl, try a tan or gold in sizes 10 or 12. For the dropper, try a size 14 red copper john or pheasant tail flashback. PMDs are hatching sporatically and various PMD patterns have also been working pretty well.

If you are floating Moose to Wilson or Wilson to South Park, it might be worth taking the time to get out of the boat and fish some side channels. You can certainly catch fish on the main channel, but the dry fly action seems to be more productive when fishing riffles and slow water along the banks of some of the side channels.

The Snake is clearing!!!!

Snake River flows have dropped below 3000cfs near Moran and below 12000cfs above Alpine.  The river is clearing by the day and fish are being seen on the surface even with the water maintaining a green hue.  Our guides are picking up a few fish mostly on nymphs but the fishing is expected to improve dramatically over the next week as flows continue to drop and as clarity improves.  Hatches remain strong on the snake with stone flies of a variety of sizes, and thick caddis hatches are occurring daily.  Cicadas have also been seen and definitely heard and grasshoppers are on the move in dryer terrain.

The Green River continues to fish well in the early mornings and in the evenings and the South Fork in Idaho has turned on as flows there have also lowered to near 15000cfs.