Private fishing access on Spring Creeks, the Snake River, and the Hoback Junction

Spring Creek Wade Fishing

Grand Fishing Adventures has sole access to the spring creeks on Snake River Ranch. These creeks are some of the best wade fishing in the Jackson Hole region. Fish Creek and Lake Creek run along the base of the Teton mountain range, winding through open-range cattle pastures.  Our access to this private water allows us to minimize the amount of fishing pressure on these creeks, and ensures you will have the water all to yourself.  Both creeks are home to large, native Cutthroat Trout. Our prefered method for targeting these fish is what we call head hunting, where we track certain fish eating on the surface and target them with small dry flies. This type of fishing can be very technical, so we recommend these trips to the intermiediate and advanced anglers. Come fish this water and witness some amazing fishing for yourself!

Snake River Ranch

In addition to fishing the spring creeks on Snake River Ranch, Grand Fishing Adventures has exclusive rights to the closest Snake River access to our Teton Village fly shop. Morning launches provide an unparalleled private floating experience on the Snake, one of the prettiest floats in Jackson Hole.  For a private launch fee of $70.00, you can enjoy privacy on the river and shorter drive times.

Hoback Junction

Grand Fishing also has exclusive private access in the Hoback Junction. This private boat ramp allows access to some of the best water in the Snake River Canyon Canyon, where you can choose between full and half day floats through the Bridger-Teton National Forest.

Snake river fishing